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Elli-Avram-I-Can’t-Even-Compare-Myself-with-Katrina Kaif

Latest Hollywood News: Swedish-Greek actress Elli Avram, who has been Compare with Bollywood's actress Katrina Kaif. Elli Avram says cannot compare up to the star.

Elli Avram upcoming Hindi movie 'Mickey Virus' was ousted from the Bigg Boss 7 house on Saturday, 23rd November, 2013

In an episode of the reality show Salman Khan praised, says Ellie "Paanch saal Pehle Ki Katrina Kaif lagti hai"

Speaking of comparisons, Elli said, "Well, that's a big compliment, because I really look up to Katrina I found it very nice and sweet things, but I cannot compare Katrina".

She said, “She is such a huge star and I am just a newcomer,".

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