Hot Hollywood heroine Jennifer Anitson celebrated for her sticky romantic scenes have spent an entire day nude, with Justin Theroux whom she proposes to marry.

It may be recalled that the horny star was engaged to Justin Theroux recently. The 2 spent daily nude along and even cooked food while not carrying any clothes, her friend told the USA magazine. The friend aforementioned although Jennifer was scared of being naked the full day, she felt assured that it absolutely was the person whom she would be marrying, that was along with her.

44-year-old Jennifer was alone once separating from husband Brad Pit. She started dating Justin Theroux later and therefore the 2 were engaged recently. They’re about to marry shortly.

The actress spends days by walking round her house within the buff and cooks within the nude too, reports The 44-year-old was reportedly back initially, however has currently become assured because of Theroux.

"Both of them (Aniston and Theroux) have unbelievable bodies, therefore they are additional relaxed," the source aforesaid.

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