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Latest Hollywood News: Warner Bros, Harry Potter producer David Heyman on board the big screen playing video games in the pipeline in the temple....

Temple Run is a 2011 mobile games developed and Imangi Studios, started in the year and the continued recovery spin-off of characters from Disney / Pixar 's Brave Disney and the great and powerful Oz so many imitators published. Both the Real game and its sequel have become huge best-sellers.

The story would center on an explorer who, having stolen an idol from a temple, is chased by demonic forces. The studio will next look to attach a writer to adapt.

The story of the statue from the temple, a researcher at the center, followed by a stolen demonic force. Fix Studio, writer customize the look....

Heyman has a long association with the studio that produced eight Potter and the framework of study visits and awards season contender GRAVITY

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