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Shorgul is an upcoming bollywood, political thriller film is written and Directed by Jitendra Tiwari and P.Singh. movie has been Produced by Swatantra Vijy Singh, Vyas Verma Under the banner of 24 FPS Films and also Distributed by 24 FPS Films. Music by Lalit Pandit and movie cinematography by Manoj Pradhan. Film is Edited by Prashant Naik. Movie Starring are Jimmy Shergill, Suha Gezen, Ashutosh Rana, Sanjay Suri, Narendra Jha are in leading role movie initial release was on 24 June 2016 but now it is Scheduled on 1st July 2016. Shorgul is about religion and Politics where there is humanity and crime in this there is innocent love between Hindu boy and muslim girl these scene rapidly escalates into a political causing Disturbance in the state .

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